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Building Reusable re-frame Components w/ Ryan Neufeld

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi

5th floor. Doors lock so look for a phone number on the sign if you can't get in.



Much has been said about building re-frame applications in the small, but how well do these same techniques perform building large applications? In practice, our team found traditional approaches to events and state management led to highly-coupled code that was difficult to maintain and test.

In this talk we'll explore why this happens and some simple techniques you can use to create more re-usable re-frame code without boilerplate or any 3rd party libraries.

Biography Ryan is a Clojure developer, author, and founder of Homegrown Labs (http://homegrownlabs.ca ), a consultancy and education company based in Winnipeg, Canada.

Since April 2017, Ryan & Homegrown have been working with Funding Circle building rich admin applications using ClojureScript & re-frame.

Beyond consulting, Ryan organizes Clojure Remote (http://clojureremote.com )–an online conference focussed on remote Clojure & ClojureScript developers. Keep an eye out for ClojureScript Days coming Summer of 2018.