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Level Up: an Association, Awareness, Activation Conversation

707 SW Washington St #1100, Portland, OR 97205
Portland, OR 97205, us (map)



“I’ve been savoring the delicious joy this new perspective brings me. I have not a shred of doubt that by continuing this, they will continue to be part of my experience. That makes me even more excited. It wasn’t hard to get here. I feel home. I don’t recall the last time I felt simple joy. It’s brought me to the point of tears.” -Tamar Jensen, Sydney, Australia

“How can I attract abundance in all aspects of my life? I've been trying to understand [your optimistic perspective]...I very much like what I see... Would like to know more…” -Aadam Nabizaada, Trinidad, Tobago

“The results are amazing. [Perry] is doing important work here.” -Stefano Iaboni, Rome, Italy

“It was wonderful. I want everyone in the world to feel this. I want to help spread this information.” -Positively Focused, Level Up participant Maigen Thomas, Portland, Oregon

“I would definitely come for another one!”Positively Focused, Level Up participant -Claire Giovino, Portland, Oregon

“I first learned a lot of the principles Perry teaches 5 years ago. It was the beginning of my “awakening.” Coming to his workshop reignited that experience and helped me revitalize practices that will get me to the life I’m dreaming of faster and easier - full of purpose. Thank you Perry!” -Christa King, Portland, Oregon

Level Up is a workshop that makes available a new connection to life making you aware of, and activating, the dreams you hold true for yourself. Total freedom and control over your destiny is available, but requires a new exploration and connection to how we operate.

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