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Humanize the Virtual Team Experience

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi

See the sign on the door, and check with the security guard in the lobby if you get lost.



How do we combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality in virtual teams? How do we cultivate a virtual team dynamic which nourishes engaged collaboration and equitable dialog among all voices? As organizations continue to grow flatter and increasingly become more global, remote teams need to acquire new skills to build trust with one another and overcome the perceived distance in the virtual team environment. In this talk Line Mørkbak and her online colleague Sarika Kharbanda share some of their insights and tips on how to ensure that we engage all voices in our online collaboration. They will explore various tools and techniques to increase a sense of team and bring back the “human” interaction. Line and Sarika will look at the latest research on virtual collaboration, exploring the mindset needed to create a nourishing virtual work environment, and will share tools to support fluid collaboration for online teams.

Line Mørkbak is constantly exploring new methods to engage learners and develop team approaches that empower f2f and virtual collaboration. Dynamic participation, interactivity, and engagement are keywords for her workshops and learning designs. As a Global Collaboration Facilitator she divides her time between European and North American clients and her work often takes place in a virtual global environment. Line is constantly exploring and experimenting with ways to enhance the way we collaborate with our colleagues when we are not in the same physical location. As a global citizen, Line has lived and worked internationally for the past 19 years and is now based in Portland, OR. http://www.gleapconsult.com/

Sarika Kharbanda is an accomplished Lean and Agile practitioner who has worked with enterprises and diverse cultures in Poland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong and the United States. Her work as an Agile Coach has enabled her clients to experience greater business agility across geographies with on-site innovative games, training, coaching and mentoring.