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Clojure PDX: Constructing Interfaces with re-frame w/ Matthew Lyon

Puppet 308 Southwest 2nd Avenue, 5th Floor, Portland, OR 97204

We're on the 5th floor. The doors lock at 6 so look for the sign with a phone number on it.



We've had a few presentations on using re-frame and continue to get many questions on this fantastic tool. There is a lot to learn but you will be rewarded when building single page apps. So this month our own Matthew Lyon will present:

Constructing Interfaces with re-frame

I’ve talked to many clojurists who are curious about front-end programming but don’t know where to start. They haven’t done front-end work before, they’re unfamiliar with JavaScript or React, and they don’t understand how those pieces fit together. I’ll walk through what a ClojureScript development environment looks like; what makes front-end programming different and how React, reagent, and re-frame fit into this; how to create views with Reagent; how to manage state and the outside world with re-frame; and how to effectively debug your front-end code.

Matthew Lyon has been building the front- and back-ends for web applications for over twelve years, and with Clojure for three years. He enjoys creating interfaces for helping people work through complex interactions.