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Portland Linux/Unix Group: Great Developer Experiences (DX) Through Great API Documentation

PSU Maseeh Engineering Building
1930 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)

On the lower level, follow the signs.



Portland Linux/Unix Group Meeting

Who: Kristof Van Tomme
What: Great Developer Experiences (DX) Through Great API Documentation
Where: PSU, 1930 SW 4th Ave. Room FAB 86-01 (Lower Level)
When: Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 at 7pm
Why: The pursuit of technology freedom
Stream: http://pdxlinux.org/live

Developer eXperience (DX) is crucial for the success of an API. That is why API teams build developer portals where the team can publish their API reference. This is where most teams fail. A great developer experience requires more than reference docs. In this talk Kristof Van Tomme will describe the upstream and downstream developer journey, and introduce the different documentation components you need to create a great DX.

About Kristof

Kristof is the CEO/co-founder of Pronovix, a consultancy specializing in developer portals, documentation systems, and API integrations - built in Drupal. He lives in Belgium, but runs a Write The Docs meetup and an API meetup in London. Last year his consultancy (Pronovix) customized 20+ developer portals, implementing design changes, access control, search, and other features that ambitious developer portals require. In this session he will share what he has learned.

Many will head to the Lucky Lab at 1945 NW Quimby St. after the meeting.

Rideshares to the Lucky Lab available

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