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AgilePDX: If You're Agile, Dance!

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
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This is AgilePDX's second webinar speaker. Web conferencing is allowing us to bring in speakers doing cutting edge work around the world. Come join us for this innovative discussion.

Today companies need Agile throughout. But how can they go beyond software to include even board and basic legal structure? Share and comment on the journey Jutta Eckstein and I are on to answer that question. We first generalize the Manifesto to values of: self-organization, transparency, constant customer focus, and continuous learning. Then, deepen these values by adding Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy. A new organigram emerges that synthesizes board, inspiration, resource support, and value center perspectives and focuses them on the customer. Finally, use Cynefin to implement company-wide Agility, and then dance!

Format: The presentation will cycle between presenting ideas, posing questions audience small groups, and providing brief moments for sharing and reflection.


John Buck lives near Washington, DC, USA, and is a division director for The Sociocracy Group, an international foundation headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

John has led dozens of sociocracy implementation projects for a variety of organizations around the globe, ranging from schools and neighborhoods to NGOs and for-profit manufacturers and IT companies using Agile. He believes that such basic values as equality, effectivness, and transparency can make our work places dramatically more elegant and sustainable. He excels in customizing sociocracy principles to each organization’s particular concerns, work schedules, and professional areas.

John was the first person outside of The Netherlands to receive consultant certification from The Sociocracy Group in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He has translated numerous documents from the original Dutch and is coauthor (with Sharon Villines) of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy, 2007 & updated 2017. Another book, Company-Wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, and Sociocracy, coauthored with Jutta Eckstein, is 70% complete in LeanPub.com. He also is part of a joint project with Fujitsu's Advanced Software Lab to create an app called Weaver to support meetings in-person, online, and offline.

Education and credentials

-- Master of Science degree in Quantitative Sociology, The George Washington University

-- Certified Sociocratic Consultant