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Make Less Mistakes with Design Sprint

NedSpace Broadway
707 Southwest Washington Street
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)



Building startups involves taking a lot of risks. It requires one to walk on a road less traveled and hence success or failure is always a probabilistic event. No one can be really sure to predict the future but what entrepreneurs can do best is to mitigate the risk.

Follow best practices, things that have worked for others in the past and apply it to your idea (Of course with customization)

Design Sprint is one such practice. Incepted at Google Ventures, DS involves a series of steps that help inculcate design thinking into any idea. It helps to evolve the company vision to looking at any product from engineering stand point to user experience stand point. A design Sprint can be applied to any product at 3 stages

  • While building a new product from scratch

  • While upgrading to a new version of an existing product

  • While adding new features to an existing product The session will be a quick starter on Design Sprints. Given limited time, we will be touch mostly on understanding of the concept, how it can be applied to any product and the best practices.

Rather than a monologue, I will be putting some exercises to create more engagement. Post session, we can do few one on one meetings and take Q&A.

Session leader Ayush Jain is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Mindbowser and 4wardtech- 2 technology consulting companies working in areas of product development, research and building successful startups. Ayush also is the chapter director of StartupGrind Pune and editor of online magazines- theiotmagazine.com and chatbotsjournal.com

In all these works, Ayush is primarily involved as the strategy and user experience guy. He has been running Design Sprints since last 2 years for startups and is a self taught Design guy. A skill he learnt because he believe it is the biggest differentiation and competitive advantage for products. He has been involved in creation of apps such has White and Yellow pages and Smiling Mind, both hitting 1M+ downloads mark. https://www.meetup.com/Startup-Your-Startup/events/242253175/ RSVP today: