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Consciousness Hacking: A Little Q&A on Shamanism

Shut Up and Eat
3848 SE Gladstone
Portland, OR 97202, United States (map)

We'll be in the community room. Feel free to come early and join us for dinner.



Shamanism is an ancient technique for waking up so you can grow up and show up.

Our discussion leader, Sara Violante, is a Shamanic Practitioner who specializes in normalizing Shamanic practices that can often feel uncomfortable or foreign in our modern, western culture. She approaches her work with kindness, caring, and compassion, but also a great deal of laughter and fun. She is grounded and down to earth and is sensitive to how uncomfortable people new to Shamanic work can feel.

If you are unfamiliar with Shamanic work, or uncomfortable with spiritual work, come and learn a little about it in a relaxed atmosphere with no judgment.

Sara’s training has included individual instruction with a Shamanic Practitioner, mentoring by an energy healer in Europe, and formal training through a Shamanic Practitioner Program that included vision quest. Her practice is based in Portland, Oregon. https://saraviolante.com/