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How Does the Internet Work?

2420 Northeast Sandy Boulevard
Portland, OR 97232, US (map)

HatchLab PDX 2420 NE Sandy Blvd Hatch Conference Room



Frontend, Backend, DevOps! Server-side rendering! SSL and HTTPS and SQL injection?! What the heck does all this jargon actually mean? If you're in a leadership position and you need to fill a tech role, it can be hard to know up from down. If your software engineer tells you to pay for an expensive service "for security reasons", how do you know whether its worth your money?

In this workshop, we'll answer the question "how does the internet work" from a Helicopter's perspective. You don't need any programming skills to attend, but be sure to come with questions! By the end, you'll understand the following concepts and how they fit together:

  • The difference between websites, apps, and servers
  • Cybersecurity hygeine (and how to avoid being hacked)
  • Common software developer job descriptions
  • Basics of computer programming (bring a laptop if you want!)

Tickets: Free for Hatch Members, $20 for non members

Workshop Leader: Finn Terdal, Technology Manager at Hatch