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Mondo Croquet! Croquet! American Style, with bowling balls and sledgehammers!



Are you ready for Mondo Croquet? It's Croquet, only American Style with Bowling Balls and Sledgehammers!

We've been doing this for 20 years, why haven't you? Read more about the fun at mondocroquet com

...then join us!

June 3rd, Westmoreland Park, 3pm until we go out for snax. Westmoreland Park is here:


We’ll be at the south end where we can play around the trees and the creek:


No need to dress up unless you feel like it. Invite your friends, taunt your enemies. Picnic snacks are welcome. Try not to fall in the creek.

Don’t have a bowling ball or a sledgehammer? No worries, I’ve got plenty to lend out. Join us! You know you want to!

Need help finding us? Buzz me: 503.575.0815.

Questions? [email protected]

Non-facebook post here: http://mondocroquet.com/2017/05/welcome-to-summer-2017/