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Magic Night - Javascript Code Challenge

400 SW 6th, 8th floor, Portland, OR
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)

Suite #800



Magic Night is a hands on, team oriented, Javascript coding lab, welcoming of all experience levels and backgrounds. We get together because coding is fun; fun to solve hard problems, and fun to work together. We organize into small teams to code up creative solutions to a common challenge, then after 3 hours of building, present to the group.

This month, we're going to build the popular RPG from 1990, The Oregon Trail. To set the scene, you're a pioneer ready to set out on the Oregon Trail. With a head full of big dreams, and a pocket of cash, you've got some choices to make, and many more choices await along the way. All of them affect your and your party's chances of making it all the way to Oregon City. Will you succeed? Its going to take a clear head, good decisions, and a fair bit of luck to make it through. Safe Travels Homesteader!