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Founder’s Pool Tournament YESpdx Social

Uptown Billiards Club
120 NW 23rd Avenue
Portland, Or 97210, US (map)



Join us at Uptown Billiard Club on Thursday evening (April 27th) for our first Founder Pool Tournament! Aside from the usual networking with other fellow entrepreneurs and friends, there’s a twist! We’ll be having a Founder Pool Tournament with a prize; that would help you as a startup founder or anyone trying to launch a company.

Rules We’ll have head to head matches; bracket style (similar to March Madness). Winner of the first Founder Pool Tournament will get a free space at NedSpace for a team of up to 3 people (3 hot desk memberships) for a month at NedSpace in downtown Portland. Host Heber Michaels sets all rules, and when a ruling is needed, he alone is the decider.

Who should attend? The event is open to all young entrepreneurs (remember, young is subjective). If you took the time to read through all of this, then YOU should attend!

Why attend? Come to build a collaborative network, open doors to new business opportunities, and be in a close community of young entrepreneurs; the current and future makers and shakers of the world. Do you have your own startup or company? Are you a designer, developer, in marketing, student or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start your own company? Come connect with other young entrepreneurs! You never know who you will meet, what new ideas and collaboration can come from it.

This is a private event (21 and older) with the max capacity of 24 sharp entrepreneurs. Ticket price is $7 so please RSVP. All NedSpace related events have a Code of Conduct which all participants, members, partners, visitors, vendors, guests must abide by. http://nedspace.com/img/NedSpaceCodeofConductv1.4.pdf