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Women Who Code Portland - Workshop: Unity 101



This Unity 101 workshop is for developers who are completely new to the Unity game engine. You'll get a basic familiarity with Unity's interface as well as learning the basic workflow of creating games in Unity. We'll then use those concepts to create a simple game.

Although C# is the language used for Unity, we only require that you have some coding experience (in any language) so you can follow along with the basic ideas. We'll be writing some very simple C# code in the workshop, but you will have all the code in digital form beforehand in case some copy/paste is needed.

By the end of the workshop, you should feel comfortable enough with Unity that you can start learning more on your own. You'll know enough about the Unity workflow that you'll have some idea of how to ask the right questions about what you don't know, and where to look for answers.

Thank you Oregon Story Board and DevelopmentNow for sponsoring this event!


If you run into any problems or have questions with the following steps, feel free to message Dylan via Twitter or the Slack for Women Who Code Portland (@mboffin on both). He'll be happy to help get whatever you're running into sorted out before the workshop, so you arrive ready to go.

1) Install the latest version of Unity: https://store.unity.com/download?ref=personal

2) Go here and create a Unity ID: https://id.unity.com/account/new

3) Download the .zip files found in this Google Drive folder: https://goo.gl/9Lqdxo (No Google sign-in required!)

About the Instructors:

Dylan Bennett works in the field of education, teaching students programming and doing IT work. He runs the Portland Unity user group, UnityPDX, and is an officer for the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad). 

By day, Mo Cohen does functional programming at New Relic. By later day, she is building a point-and-click adventure game called Queer Quest (queermogames.com). And by night time, she's eating Nutella out of the jar.

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About Women Who Code Portland

Women Who Code is a global nonprofit dedicated to inspire women to excel in technology careers. We connect amazing women with other like-minded individuals around the globe who unite under one simple notion--the world of technology is better with women in it. In Portland, we organize monthly study nights, workshops, and networking nights, as well as hackathons and social events.