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PDX PHP - Show and Tell

2222 NE Oregon St.
Portland, OR 97221, United States (map)

Come to the North side of the building at 2222 Oregon St. We will be greeting PHP'ers at the door. The ImpactFlow suite is #207.



We've got a special night planned for you! We're putting together a fun and informative show and tell! Everyone is welcome to participate, just bring something you'd like to share and make sure you keep it under 10 minutes (2 minutes is ok 😉 ).

We've got a great line up for you so far:

• Laravel's Routing

• Ansible

• Couchbase and PHP

• Introducing Object Oriented Programing

But there are plenty of other things you could share:

• a tool you rely upon

• a function you just discovered or use all the time

• a useful package

• something specific about a framework

• an API

• a project you're working on

We'll also have food, give-a-ways (elePHPants) and a great time getting to know your fabulous PHP Community!