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October PMI Agile Roundtable: Working with Complex Systems

Unitus Community Credit Union
1300 SW Sixth Ave – 4th Floor Community Room
Portland, OR (map)



The PMI Agile Roundtable provides a forum for exchanging ideas, techniques and real world experiences (good and bad) in managing agile projects. Although sponsored by PMI, all roles and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to participate / debate. We value the variety of perspectives and levels of experience with agile.

Working with Complex Systems (with an Introduction to the Cynefin Framework)

Have you ever been part of a project that no matter how well planned it is, it seems much harder than it should be and you don't see the results you originally hoped for? It's possible that the approach taken may have been incorrect for the situation and a new paradigm of decision making may be necessary. This talk will give you a useful framework to understand different contexts that we work in and more appropriate decision making techniques for the different situations we find in our business. The session will also cover how this understanding can be applied in project management and leadership. Be prepared for an eye opening discussion that may very will change how you approach your work from now on!

Rhea Stadick applies leading edge techniques to accelerate business results across complex, global organizations. She's driven by the need to do the right things right and ensure healthy workplaces that support diversity of thought and encourage continuous improvement and learning. Over the last 10 years she's led grassroots efforts and initiatives to establish improved ways of working that focus on fast value delivery and sustainable development. As one of the early adopters of Agile at Intel Corporation, Rhea helped to foster other change agents in this space and cleared a path to enable Agile to be an accepted and embraced way of working across 100,000+ people and over 60 countries. As a systems engineer, she has developed an expertise in Complex Adaptive Systems and applying practical methods to work in dynamic contexts. Rhea is a TEDx speaker and keynoter on topics including new approaches for modern business and thriving in changing environments.

Note: 1 PMI PDU can be claimed for attending this event.

Thanks to Unitus Community Credit Union for their continued support.