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OpenStack PDX May

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
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Our next get together will be in May with David Stewart from Intel! He is joining us to talk about "doubling performance in Swift with no code changes"

All interpreted languages come to the point in their evolution where a radical turn is needed to optimize performance and a Just In Time (JIT) compilation is the direction they have all turned. We would argue that now is the time for Python. In perhaps an extreme case, Swift’s performance is greatly affected by the latency of Python’s default CPython interpreter. Recently Swift throughput was improved 111% on a 15 node storage cluster and response time was boosted 87%. This was achieved by using PyPy, the JIT version of Python. This talk will describe a proof-of-concept study using PyPy in production with Swift, offer a roadmap for broad adoption of PyPy in the Python world, and provide clear steps for implementing PyPy in Swift.

Bio: David Stewart is the manager of the Server Language Optimization Team in the Data Center Software Technology group at Intel where he helped launch the effort. David has been an operating systems development expert for his whole career, starting out with Unix in 1980. David serves on various boards including the Yocto Project Advisory Board and the CE Linux Working Group, both part of the Linux Foundation. Before the formation of his current team, David held a variety of management positions in Intel’s Software and Services Group and in Intel’s Desktop Boards and Systems division.