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Portland Linux/Unix Group: Ganesha NFS

PSU Maseeh Engineering Building
1930 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)

On the lower level, follow the signs.



Portland Linux/Unix Group General Meeting

Who: Frank Filz
What: NFS Ganesha - A User Space NFS Server for Linux and FreeBSD
Where: PSU, 1930 SW 7th Ave. Room FAB 86-01 (Lower Level)
When: Thursday, July 5th, 2016 at 7pm
Why: The pursuit of technology freedom
Stream: http://pdxlinux.org/live (PSU WiFi Permitting)

NFS Ganesha - A User Space NFS Server for Linux and FreeBSD

Frank Filz will present on the current state of the NFS Ganesha project. NFS Ganesha is currently undergoing a restructuring that breaks out the meta-data caching as a separate "stackable" File System Abstraction Layer module.

Frank is a Senior Principle Software Engineer at Red Hat and "release manager" (aka maintainer) of the NFS Ganesha project who has been working on NFS Ganesha since 2010, formerly at IBM and Panasas. His current focus is Ceph.

Michael adds: While operating systems are receiving high-performance, in-kernel NFS daemons, the rising popularity of scale-out file systems has renewed interest in projects like NFS Ganesha. Every exciting!

Many will head to the Lucky Lab at 1945 NW Quimby St. after the meeting.

Rideshares Available

PLUG is open to everyone and does not tolerate abusive behavior on its mailing lists or at its meetings.

See you there!