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Untangling using Om.Next with Untangled w/ Tony Kay

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi

Come on up to the 5th floor. If the doors are locked call/text the number on the sign.



The Untangled web framework is a ClojureScript web framework that blends various web development libraries together with a good bit of glue code to make single-page webapps a breeze.

Untangled leverages a lot of things that were pioneered in Om 1.0 by David Nolen, and adds it's own layers of simplification and opinion.

It is a full-stack environment, but you can pick and choose the pieces you wish to use.

We'll discuss the basic idea of the bits you need to develop an Om.Next app and cover how Untangled provides a lot of that for you.

You may want to checkout this overview, companion video as well as the Om.Next quick start and the Untangled tutorial.

Bio: Tony Kay works at NAVIS in Bend. He's been doing software development since the mid-80s in most of the common suspects: C, C++, Java, Scala, Clojure, Javascript. Tony is currently the technical lead on new software development, where he's driven the adoption of Clojure/Clojurescript and worked as the lead on the Untangled Web Framework project, which they use to develop our production software. His interests include fermenting random things for gluten-free sourdough bread, cooking, making software engineering better as a profession, and barefoot hiking.