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About Managing Professional Services Firms

Online Webinar

Available on PC and Mac computers.



WHAT YOU'LL LEARN - The three types of Professional Services firm and the management at each - The emphasis that clients and employees put on values and culture - Using your influence, passion, and vision to lead the organization We will also have a live thirty-minute Q&A period after the presentation.

This webinar series is a world-first: a dedicated professional services manager course with a dedicated focus on management—this exclusivity of focus is designed to strip away the redundant training that comes with other options, such as the MBA: - Eight 90 minute webinars covering the fundamentals of professional services management - Topics include areas such as estimates, engagement scheduling and KPIs - Available to watch online on all internet web browsers

About Kayne McGladrey I have always had the good fortune of not being the smartest person in the room. Much of my understanding of professional services management has come from mentoring by the vice presidents and senior partners I had worked with over the years. I am fortunate to be currently working with one of the three most influential mentors in my career. However, many of the hundreds of consultants and former professional services managers I have spoken with have identified a lack of available training to manage a professional services organization. I believe that the only way to demonstrate mastery of a skill is to teach someone else. I regularly write about my experience managing a worldwide professional services organization.