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Startup Weekend Vancouver - Community Pitch Night

The Oregon Public House
700 Northeast Dekum Street
Portland, OR 97211, US (map)

We will meet in the back of the pub/community table area.



Enjoy a fun evening meeting other entrepreneurs, and learn to give 1 minute pitches in a safe environment.

Pitching is an important skill to succeed in life and in Startup Weekend. When you're meeting people for the first time, its important to be able to introduce yourself and make a good impression in a short amount of time.

How it works:
Arrive early, at 6 pm to register and mingle. At 6:45 we start with group introductions. Then at 7, we'll split up into small groups of 4. Everyone in the groups get to give one minute pitches, followed by 4 minutes of Q&A / coaching from peers and mentors. After everyone gets a turn, we'll split up the groups again, and the fun starts over. By the third round, everyone is guaranteed to be able to pitch like pros!

Don't forget, the Startup Weekend starts on Friday January 29th. www.bit.ly/swvanwa