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Management 3.0 Workshop

Hotel Rose
50 SW Morrison St
Portland, Oregon 97204, USA (map)
Public WiFi



The two-day Management 3.0 workshop splits between theoretical and practical agile management. It was created for software development but has been adapted by all sorts of agile teams around the world. Day One focuses on how to energize people and empower teams. Day Two dives into aligning constraints and developing competencies. http://inspiredagility.com/learning/

Management 3.0 started out as a book of the same name written by leadership guru Jurgen Appelo back in 2010. Since then, Management 3.0 has become a global management movement.

"Having personally met François in my course and discussed with him the various challenges and opportunities of managing Agile organizations, I fully trust him. He will prepare a course of thunder. I wish I could attend!" * - Jurgen Appelo, author of the book and course creator Management 3.0

Our facilitator François Beauregard founded Pyxis in 2000. He acts as a coach, trainer, facilitator and senior consultant for organizations who wish to increase productivity and adopt an Agile approach. As a certified integral coach and certified integral facilitator I am particularly passionate about how human being develop.

PDUs available and attending enables you to facilitate future workshops: https://management30.com/facilitators/licensing/