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Shift Calendar code sprint

Jama Software (New Office)
135 SW Taylor Suite 200
Portland, Oregon 97204, United States (map)

Number to call will be posted on door.



We will be working again to improve the software behind the Shift Calendar (http://shift2bikes.org/cal/). We are almost finished with making a mobile-friendly version (http://www.shift2bikes.org/testcal/view2week-bs.php ). Our code repo is here: https://github.com/ShiftGithub/shiftcal


  • Final touches before deploying mobile site to beta
  • Setting up the beta in a more publicly accessible, removed-from-the-live-site manner.
  • Posting a link to the live site that encourages people to "try the beta version" of the calendar
  • Adding Facebook functionality

If you plan to come later than the start time of 11AM, please bring a cellphone. There will be a phone number posted on the door that you'd call to be let in.