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ProductTank October

Jama Software (New Office)
135 SW Taylor Suite 200
Portland, Oregon 97204, United States (map)



We're launching ProductTank here in PDX! ProductTank is an opportunity for Product professionals to learn and network. For our first meetup, we have a great speaker lined up and hopefully one more to announce!

Samuel Hulick

Growing Your User Base with Better Onboarding

Frustration drives people to sign up for products in hopes of improving their lives. The space between the intolerable “before” and the ideal “after” is your project’s “improvement trajectory.” And once this is defined, it’s easier to identify key moments in the customer journey and match them to design patterns.

Samuel shares strategies that help you stop hemorrhaging signups. You’ll learn to create quality onboarding experiences that target your users’ frustrations and move them from A to B in their lives, instead of just A to B in your app.

About Samuel

Samuel Hulick runs UserOnboard.com and is the author of The Elements of User Onboarding. He’s combined UX savvy and a cat-like curiosity for measuring UX impact to become an expert in onboarding. His approach is shaped by over a decade of web experience, theories taken from behavioral psychology, cognitive development, video game design, and even filmmaking.