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Agile: "Beyond the Frameworks" Lean Coffee

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi

Sign on the front door and security guard in the lobby can help you find us.



Join us for a Lean Coffee discussion about Agile beyond the frameworks. We'll start with some definition of topic boundaries then jump right into Lean Coffee discussion.

Following up on the topics that emerged among attendees at the “State of Agile” discussion at Puppet Labs gathering on 6/17, we’ll dig into what we think it means to be Agile disregarding the constraints and supports of the three most common frameworks currently in use. In some quarters, the term “agile” is being deprecated in favor of “nimble;” in others, the term “business agility” is increasingly favored. The case was made on 6/17 that Agile as we know it doesn’t speak to the needs of the enterprise outside of IT or engineering, and, especially, senior business leaders do not show up as what we often think of as agilists.

So, what’s under Scrum, XP, and Kanban? What about the manifesto and principles can we grasp as tools to operationalize agility wherever we are—without spouting Scrumese or Agile cuteness. How do we both grow ourselves as agilists and as a community and support our colleagues toward a more mature grasp of Agile and Lean. Or, is Agile passe and do only the consultants and behemoth enterprises not know that, yet?

Pizza and pop provided by PNSQC and beer provided by Puppet Labs, as usual.