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TypeScript Editor Shootout

734 NW 14th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209, us (map)



Join us for our July meeting where Adron Hall, Andrew Chalkley, Ken Howard, and James Churchill will be presenting a "TypeScript Editor Shootout" talk.

6:00pm Networking and Snacks 
6:20pm Welcome and Announcements 
6:30pm Presentation

TypeScript Editor Shootout

Are you just getting into TypeScript and wondered which editor offers the best development experience? Or maybe you're a seasoned TypeScript developer (a.ka. TS Sage) and don't have the time to compare your favorite editor to other options? Look no further as Adron, Andrew, Ken, and James give a demo of their favorite editors (or IDEs).

Featured editors/IDEs include:

WebStorm (presented by Adron)
Visual Studio Code (presented by Andrew)
Atom (presented by James)
Sublime Text (presented by Ken)
Visual Studio (presented by James)

Each presenter will get ~10 minutes to show off their editor/IDE of choice. Once each editor has been demoed, each presenter will get a chance for a rebuttal.