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Portland Puppet User Group

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi

The office is wheelchair accessible, and has an elevator. There is bike parking on the street and just inside the parking garage at the corner of Stark and SW 1st Ave. Parking is available on the street or at one of the many pay to park lots near the office.

Someone will be at the door on 2nd Avenue to let you into the building after 6pm, as the doors lock at that time.



Please join us!

For those of you who are curious about Puppet Server and Passenger, Jeff McCune, engineer on the Puppet Server development team, will be here to answer your questions and we'll have a Jordan Olshevski, Puppet Labs Professional Services Engineer, to chat about scaling your Puppet infrastructure. Corey Osman will show us how he uses Docker for Module Development.

Other folks - we'd love to see what you're doing with Puppet, so feel free to step up at the meeting and show us! It's a great chance to practice any talks that you're working or demo what you're working on - any length talk accepted :-)!

  • 6:00-6:30 pm Pizza and salad (vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options)
  • 6:30 - 7:15 pm How to scale an orthodox Puppet infrastructure - Jordan Olshevski, Puppet Labs
  • 7:15 - 7:45 pm Q & A on Passenger and Puppet Server with Jeff McCune, Puppet Labs
  • 7:45-8:10pm Leveraging Docker for Puppet Module Development - Corey Osman
  • 8:10-8:15 pm Plan next meeting and mingle