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RactiveJS workshop with Marty Nelson


This venue is no longer open for business.

208 SW 5th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97204, US (map)

The exterior entrance to Epicodus on 5th ave is under renovation. Come to the entrance at 421 SW Oak.



An introduction and exploration of live, reactive templating with RactiveJS.

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran of web development, leverage your HTML, JS, and CSS knowledge to easily create dynamic data-driven applications and websites.

RSVP Here: ractivejs-workshop-april.eventbrite.com

What is Ractive JS?

Ractive is a template-driven UI library, but unlike other tools that generate inert HTML, it transforms your templates into blueprints for apps that are interactive by default.

Some tools force you to learn a new vocabulary and structure your app in a particular way. Ractive works for you, not the other way around โ€“ and it plays well with other libraries.

What will the workshop cover?


We'll cover the mustache basics and then dive into the expanded abilities of two-way binding, sections and expressions. Patterns for common use cases like master/detail relationships.

Data, Binding and Observers

Controlling data through template binding and programmatic manipulation. Establishing data flows with observers.

Decorators, Events and Transitions & Animations

Encapsulate DOM manipulation, respond to events and provide intro and outro effects


Apply the fundamentals of Ractive in a modular fashion to build composable, powerful apps

Advanced Configuration and Instantiation, and more

Resources to get started


Using Ractive can be as simple as adding a script tag in the browser.

However, for this workshop please make sure you have node.js installed as will be exploring ractive in a modern build environment. Here's how to get started: http://docs.ractivejs.org/latest/get-started-with-node-js