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Workshop: Introduction to Programmable System-on-Chip Devices


PDXElectroHax and Pattern Agents are are pleased to offer the first in a series of workshops on Programmable Hardware: Introduction to Programmable System-on-Chip Devices. Tom Moxon, CEO/Founder of PatternAgents will be teaching. It’s a chance to get an accessible introduction to this technology from an expert. Tickets are $20. They are limited and currently available on Eventbrite: pdxelectrohax.eventbrite.com


This workshop is a hands-on introduction to the Cypress PSoC device family and the (free) PSoC Creator Integrated Development Environment(IDE). The workshop will include a brief architecture and software/IDE overview, followed by hand's-on project labs.

Date: Wednesday March, 18th, 2015
Hours: 6pm – 8pm
Location: 8905 SW Nimbus Ave, Suite 100, Beaverton, OR 97008
Requirements: Windows “compatible” Laptop Computer and USB port (Apple MacBook Pro with Bootcamp or Parallels works fine)
Prerequisites: Basic electronics (the ability to understand a schematic drawing). Basic programming helpful.

Workshop Attendees will receive a PSoC development kit (CY8CKIT-049) that includes a flexible USB-UART device, and a PSoC-4 device. Light refreshments provided.


• Programmers who would like to learn more about hardware and debugging.
• Hackers who would like to learn new skills for quickly solving hardware problems.
• Students who want explore and learn about new hardware-based solutions.
• Professionals seeking new skills for the workplace. Programmable Hardware Workshop Series

This workshop is the first in a series presented by PDXElectroHax and PatternAgents using programmable hardware and systems. If you have wanted to learn more about using programmable hardware, like Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Programmable System on Chip devices, Programmable Logic Devices and more; in a easy-paced, hand's-on environment, then this is the workshop series for you. Applications include lighting, motor/motion control, sensor monitoring and more.

Instructor Info:
Tom Moxon - Pattern Agents Founder and Chief Technology Officer

If you have ever...

Listened to Depeche Mode, Yes, Peter Gabriel, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Paul McCartney, or Talking Heads, then you've heard music from sampling keyboard equipment he helped to design.

Watched cartoons from the animators at Hanna-Barbera Productions (Flintstones, etc.), then you've seen images processed from digital image processing equipment he helped to design.

Seen pictures from the Voyager spacecraft, then you've seen images processed from digital image processing equipment he helped to design.

Tom has over thirty years of engineering experience, and has designed systems and integrated circuits for client companies including Cray Research, Adobe Systems, Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics, Rohm, Hyundai Electronics, Emu Systems, and many others.