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Introduction To Object-Oriented Programming With PHP - Part 2

Portland Code School
735 SW 20th Place #230
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)



If you we not able to attend Part 1, never fear, you can read about it and get slides, code and more here.

In Part 2 we will cover

1. Brief review of the terminology already covered: class, property, method, object, instance, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance

2. New vocabulary: Polymorphism, Interface, Namespace

3. Use cases to work with the objects and give you the opportunity to see how these concepts actually work.

Setup for using PHP

Any environment that can render php will work for this class. If you don't have anything set up to run php yet, the easiest way to get up an running fast is to use Cloud 9

1. Sign up at Cloud 9: https://c9.io/
2. Create a new workspace

• Name your workspace

• Choose PHP

• Press “CREATE”

• Wait a few minutes for the workspace to be setup

3. Click on the workspace on the left.

• Choose “START EDITING”, green button on the right