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RefreshPDX: Young At Art – The Generative Generation

209 SW Oak St Ste 600
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)



Designers and artists are discovering the power of combining their knowledge of patterns, space, and colors with code and frameworks. Not to make prettier websites, but to create art. Interactive and infinitely generative code art.

But fear not: though getting into programming can be incredibly intimidating, code art, is one path to coding that can be fun, easy, and instantly rewarding. John Brown will show you some frameworks and sites that will get you started making art quickly and easily.

Occasionally, a new discovery will come along that changes the way artists create. Pigments in antiquity or screen printing in the recent past have given artists a path to explore. Now computers, and the frameworks created for them, are hitting the sweet spot of ease of use and power. Code art is still in its infancy, and creative coding is the wild west. It’s all about exploring, layering, and trying new things. Any creative endeavor of the last 5000 years has a digital equivalent, and there are myriad digital art paths that have no physical analogue.

John Brown will show you how to get involved in creative coding. There is a great community locally he’ll introduce you to. He’ll also talk a bit on the history of creative coding, show you some of his work, and talk about the future of code art and how it fits into the greater art world.

When you leave, you’ll want to rush home and pick up a digital paintbrush and start making code art.