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Monday Python (Programmer Peer Mentoring Night)

PDX Code Guild
2828 SW Corbett Ave
Portland, OR 97201, us (map)

Access Notes

We are upstairs and to the right. Signs will be posted. Call (541) 602-6215 if you need directions.

Save this number in case you need help finding us. (541) 602-6215 Free Parking!



We have a special guest speaker tonight!

K. Lars Lohn will rehearse his presentation, "The Well Tempered API", that he'll be giving at the Python Conference in Nashville in two weeks.

About the beginner-friendly presentation:

"Why does 400 year old music still work? Do programmers have something to learn from the world of music? At the PyTennessee conference in February of 2015, I will give my answers to these questions in a multimedia presentation that includes Remedial Music Theory for Programmers, Thoughts and Examples of API design and, of course, a Bassoon."


Save this phone number in case you need directions. (541) 602-6215

Come to learn and/or share your existing knowledge with others. We cover Python, Django, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML and More. Our event is for all levels from beginner to advanced. Come to learn and/or to mentor.

After the rehearsal we'lll do introductions and then pair up mentors and learners and/or work on projects.

Bring your laptop, and something you want to learn, try, or build.