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Deconstructing Women in Technology: What is the data really telling us?

Quick Left
529 SW 3rd Ave 2nd Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)



Stop by Quick Left to see CEO of Consulting Ingrid Alongi give her wildly popular, data-driven talk - Deconstructing Women in Technology: What is the Data Really Telling Us? Ingrid's is passionate about creating an environment for our developers that harbors creativity and collaboration, and believe incorporating women on the team is a key element to what makes our company work so seamlessly.

In her opinion, there are 7 ways to promote a better performing team:

Make a commitment Host team building events during business hours Provide ample outlets for feedback to leadership team  Examine your hiring practices: from job posts to interviewing style  Examine your bonus and raise criteria - not everyone is good at asking  Having more women in leadership encourages more women in general 

Your job is a place of business where adults work, but it can still be fun! If you would like to see the stats on women in technology, and reasons why females aren't coming up the pipeline, check out the slideshare from Ingrid's keynote at GlueCon. This is one of the talks that you can't miss during Portland Startup Week! Plus we'll have Q afterwords and happy hour on Quick Left!