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Hack day with uncontext.

419 NE 10th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97232, US (map)

Ring the doorbell!



Let's get together again and made some art!

After the success of the TUIO Jams, we're going to try the same format for a different project.

uncontext., for the uninitiated, is a community art project that creates streams of constantly changing data that is publicly accessible. When you create something that uses the data as it streams live, it will move and update to the same heartbeat that is moving and updating every other creation using the data. So at the end of the day, we'll have a series of experiments and projects that are all pulsing to the same beat.

I'll even be releasing a new data stream at this event! When you attend, you can create in any way that makes sense to you:

  • Javascript/CSS/in the browser experiences
  • Processing and/or p5.js
  • PixelPusher (we'll have some you can play with!)
  • Unity
  • Bring your Arduino or Pi or Tessel
  • Anything that can connect to the internet!

The space is, as always, provided by the ineffable Instrument. We'll have coffee and lunch will be provided by the wonderful team at Codepen, as well as some swag both from sponsors and also generated and printed at the event!

If you want a quick intro to uncontext., here's a video of a 15 minute introduction presentation crammed into 5 minutes from a couple months ago.

Send John Brown a message if you have any questions!