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AgilePDX Dntn Pub Lunch: Why the Board Matters in Kanban

McMennamins Ringler's
1332 W. Burnside
Portland, OR 97202, US (map)



As pitched in October, we have Matt Mayer coming to talk to use in December. Remember, anyone can pitch a talk to the group just by showing up and tossing in your idea when we vote on upcoming topics at the end of the hour.

At Monsoon, we’ve tried and tested Kanban—and we’ve learned a lot! Our microservices team is driven to do fast, small changes to deliver bug fixes and features to production fast. Interdependencies between services mean a single service going down causes customers and Monsoon to lose money. Using a physical Kanban board meant the difference between guessing where bottlenecks were versus identifying the problem, targeting it and applying multiple forces to eliminate it. It also makes large tickets stand out so they can be analyzed and sliced into smaller tickets for faster delivery.

Matthew Mayer has been programming professionally since 2006, with an emphasis on performance and complex problem solving. He’s worked with a variety of technologies from ASP.NET web applications to .NET installed products to cloud services in Go, quickly providing data for customers worldwide. He developed an increasing interest in integration tests and tools for that end, such as cucumber and Docker. He advocates for close integration with QA counterparts so programmers can focus on delivering early and often, lowering barriers to entry for new team members.

RSVP's to the AgilePDX Yahoo list or to [email protected] are much appreciated. We occassionally have very large turnouts, and its great to be able to warn the wait staff.

Look for us in the back. We start on time and end on time so you can get back to making the world safe for agilists everywhere. Yes, the beer flows and so does the pub grub.