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Managing and Utilizing Big Data for Your Workforce | HR Event

Thetus Corporation
34 NW 1st Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209, United States (map)



Managing and Utilizing Big Data for Your Workforce | HR Event

It’s been said that Big Data is like dating in middle school - everyone talks about it, but nobody knows what they’re doing. We aim to help change that.

What information can/should/must we collect from employees, and how do we connect it to large business and benefits management systems?

Join us on October 7th as we explore Big Data and What it Means to Your Workforce.


Eric Wilson, Principal, HR Integrated Solutions -- Eric will try to separate the fact from fiction with regard to how big data is likely to impact the future of HR. How do you determine what data you should consider acquiring and from what sources? Once you get your hands on the information how do you turn that “raw” data into something that is actionable, with potentially predictive relevance? How do you present the data in a way that can drive decisions to achieve organizational change? This should be a thought-provoking primer regarding the relevance of Big Data in HR.

Check back for additional panelists.


Gloria Ilg, SVP of Human Resources Worldwide, Rentrak