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Thing Tuesday 16th Sep - Wow! Payments and Objects, Connected Cars and IoT Eng.

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi



Ladies and Gentleman,

It's that time again for another Thing Tuesday. I hope your summer breaks have been restful and it's now time to get back into the grove of the Internet of Things :-)

So set your reminders for Tuesday Sept 16th - 2 weeks from today. We will start at the usual time of 6:30 pm at the offices of our super generous hosts - Puppet Labs. We'd love to see old and new faces, we have over 500 members now, so clearly there is still interest in the area :-)

Please note that due to restrictions we will no longer serve alcohol.... that's okay though, there are pubs within crawling distance for those of you who like to talk tech over pints.

So, who have we speaking? 

Paresh Patel - Nailing it with Payrange  - "My plan was to sell 10,000 units in the first year. In the first 15 hours we sold 33,000 and had to pause." I am thrilled to have Paresh come and talk and tell us how he created a hardware proposition that is simply FLYING off the shelves and how he created "Square for inanimate objects."

Tyler Phillipi - All about Cargo.ai - Tyler is the entreprenuer's entreprenuer. Together with some kickass technical co-founders he has dove straight into the world of IoT with Cargo.ai, Portland's newly minted startup that will create a visionary new infrastructure for cars. Tyler will go over the proposition and the company and what they will be doing next. Truly exciting stuff and with Tyler delivering it, not one to be missed.

Bryon Moyer - IoT Engineers need new resources - Bryon is a writer for EE Journal and other fine publications on the things that make up key parts of IoT - chips, modules, wireless etc . Recently has been researching into some of the issues and hurdles that engineers face when creating IoT solutions. In this talk he covers some of the key issues faced by engineers with IoT specifically.

Also a BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO JEWEL MINARIK who is sponsoring the Pizza that night!!! Thank you :-)

So register now and see you in two weeks. Bring a buddy into the world of IoT... and remember, it's a networking event - go out of your comfort zone to meet new people and ideas, great new things should start in Portland :-)

Potential Pizza sponsors - reach out to me, we are still looking.... You have been awesome to the group. Thank you.

All the best,