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Write The Docs PDX: Keeping trust: Testing documentation as part of a continuous integration process

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi

Please arrive before 6 pm. Enter at the door on 13th street. The building management locks that door at 6 pm. Anyone who has to open the door for late arrivals will likely miss part of the presentation.

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The Puppet Labs facility used for Meetups is on the second floor.

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(Please arrive before 6:00 pm. The building managers lock the doors at that time. Anyone who has to open the door for late arrivals will likely miss part of the presentation.)

Kristof Van Tomme will reprise his talk to the European Write The Docs '14 conference back in April. Kristof is the CEO of Pronovix and the project lead of WalkHub, both focused on Drupal-based systems. He'll be joining us remotely from Belgium, from a very early hour in his time zone. He agreed to do his talk on late notice after a change in plans. Thank you Kristof!

Here is the description of his talk from WTD EU 2014 (Budapest)

You could argue that outdated documentation is even worse than no documentation at all. It creates frustration and destroys the trust of your customers. But how do you maintain your documentation in a project with a fast release cycle?

In this talk I will explore strategies for keeping different types of documentation up to date and discuss a few tools (including WalkHub, an open source project we are working on) that can be used to automatically test or even update documentation as part of your continuous integration process.