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PIE application deadline (EXTENDED due to technical glitch)

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At PIE, we like startups. It’s why we started this whole experiment in the first place. So, whenever we have the chance, we opt for using startup products as part of our process. Whether they are PIE companies or not.

We just like supporting startups.

Most of the time, taking these calculated risks is positive all around, for both PIE and the startup. But every once in a while we encounter some issues.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing an issue on the application platform we tried out for this class. A handful of folks have reached out to us, seeking confirmation that their application went through, as they did not receive the confirmation email. When we went searching, those folks didn’t turn up in the database.

Cue cold sweat.

We’re still working to diagnose the problem. And applications have officially closed. But given the issues, we are now put in the uncomfortable position of having to ask these already overtaxed entrepreneurs to resubmit their applications.

For more information, see the PIE blog.