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Portland Ruby Brigade monthly meeting

New Relic
111 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 2700
Portland, Oregon 97204, United States (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Check in at the security desk to get access to the 27th floor. This usually isn't required for official events and meetups.

This meeting: Come on up to the 28th floor. The elevator will be unlocked after 6:00pm.



We'll have pizza starting at 6pm, so stop by early if you want to have dinner and socialize before the presentations.


  • Markus Roberts: Ruby hangman
  • Raffle for OS Bridge ticket, enter here: http://tinyurl.com/osb14-raffle-pdxruby
  • Sam Livingston-Gray:
    Cognitive Shortcuts: Models, Visualizations, Metaphors, and Other Lies

    Experienced developers tend to build up a library of creative problem-solving tools: rubber ducks, code smells, anthropomorphizing code, &c. These tools map abstract problems into forms our brains are good at solving. But our brains are also good at lying to us. We'll talk about some of these tools, when to use them (or not), and how their biases can lead us astray.
    “A change in perspective is worth 80 IQ points.” -Alan Kay
    New developers very welcome: we don't teach this in school!

After presentations we'll have more socializing time with beer & snacks.

Thanks to New Relic for providing the venue and beer, pizza & snacks this month!

ARRIVING BY BIKE? Cyclists are welcome to park their bikes in the New Relic office. Bikes are not allowed in the building lobby, however, and must use the freight elevator. To get your bike up to the 28th floor, enter the building's parking lot by going down the ramp at 5th and Pine. Go past the booth -- no need to pick up a ticket -- and turn right. Go straight until you almost run into the elevator lobby, then go right again. On the back side of the elevator block you'll see a beat up pair of double doors marked "freight elevator." You can get up by buzzing in with the intercom, and saying you're here for New Relic. Ride on up to the 28th floor, you'll easily find the bike parking.

ABOUT THE GROUP: The Portland Ruby Brigade, also known as pdxruby and pdx.rb, is a user group for Ruby programmers in the Portland, Oregon area. The group welcomes all programmers interested in the language and its implementations, tools, libraries and frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails. The group has been meeting since August 2002 for presentations, demos and discussions. Every month 35-75 people come together to share their knowledge, projects and enthusiasm for Ruby. If you'd like to present or have a topic you'd like discussed, please post to the mailing list. The group usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month, "Ruby Tuesday" -- see you there!