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PDX Women Founders Forum

Portland Development Commission
222 NW Fifth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209, United States (map)


Proud to announce that the Portland Development Commission has decided to sponsor the event! The event will be held at the Portland Development Commission offices. Event starts at 6pm with networking. Workshop will start at 7pm. We'll conclude the evening with more networking until 9pm




Hi All - very excited to announce our February event. Vanessa Van Edwards will treat us with a private workshop on body language, especially targeted to women entrepreneurs. Can't wait! See you all there!

Body Language for Female Entrepreneurs

How can body language increase your presence, power and charisma? Vanessa Van Edwards has a special presentation for Female Founders Forum on how female entrepreneurs can use nonverbal to:

  • Get an edge in negotiations
  • Rock their elevator pitch
  • Master networking events
  • Pitch investors

Vanessa will use the latest research on nonverbal communication to teach women how to increase their success with people in the business world.

Speaker Bio:

Vanessa Van Edwards (Science Of People) Vanessa is a published author and behavioral investigator. Her specialties are human lie detection and body language. She is a Huffington Post columnist and regularly appears on CNN, Forbes, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal to talk about her research. Vanessa is a published Penguin author and regularly gives keynotes and appears in the media. She teaches a popular online class on Body Language for Entrepreneurs about the use of nonverbal communication to increase influence as a business owner. She helps entrepreneurs use body language to pitch investors, fundraise, get in the media, negotiate, increase sales and do effective customer validation.