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Puppet Triage-a-Thon

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi



Interested in contributing to Puppet? Want to come hang out with fun people and do geeky things all day? Come to our Triage-A-Thon on Saturday, January 11th! You can participate virtually from anywhere in the world, or join us in person in our office in Portland, OR.

Our goal is to review all the open tickets in several of our projects to: - Update and confirm that issues are still relevant - Ensure tickets are in the right status and all the right information is present to fix the problem - Close any invalid or no longer relevant tickets

We’ll assign blocks of tickets to every participant, explain what you need to do, and provide people on the ground to answer questions and help you make decisions. If you want a few more details about how you can help, you should read about the process we use to triage bugs: http://docs.puppetlabs.com/community/puppet_projects_workflow.html

If you want a t-shirt, you MUST register and you must provide a shipping address and phone number (for international shipping). Thanks!

If you live in Portland, Oregon: Join us in person at our office in the Pearl! We'll provide breakfast, coffee, a delicious lunch, snacks and space in our office. Please bring a laptop computer with you. You're welcome to drop in at any point - we're starting at 7am online to include those in other time zones, but we don't expect to see you that early :)

The first 200 people who help for at least 2 hours will be sent a special edition Puppet Triage-a-Thon t-shirt, and we'll have additional prizes for top participants!

Register at http://triagepuppetjan2014.eventbrite.com