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PDXFX November Event: Connected Relationships

Pour Wine Bar & Bistro
2755 NE Broadway Street
Portland, Oregon 97232, US (map)
Public WiFi



The relationships we build with other people are often both the most rewarding and most challenging areas of life – and sometimes, it’s the same relationship that covers both ends of the spectrum! It’s hard trying to figure out how to navigate our relationships when they don’t go smoothly. That’s where Dana Corey, the Modern Relationship Expert, comes in.

Our best relationships become a wellspring of energy that we can tap at any time: to get things done, to heal, or even just to unwind. When we struggle with relationship issues, most of us tend to blame it on our partners. The truth is, having a good relationship is almost never about “fixing” the other person. It’s about you. Who you identify as, what you want, and more than anything, what you’re choosing to do in your life right now.

Join us for this sure to be amazing event. Register here: http://bit.ly/1cKYLhm