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PJUG - Portland Java Users Group

Gilt Groupe Portland
222 NW 5th Ave, 2nd floor
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)



Principles and Advantages of Functional Programming

With multicore processors in cell phones and changes in scale in Enterprise computing, functional programming has risen from the grave to shuffle and moan in even the hallowed halls of Java.

Should we stockpile food and bullets and barracade ourselves in a mall, or should we let this zombie from academia munch our brains? (alt. title - ed.)

This evening we'll discuss some principles and advantages of functional programming, and how the Java programmer can take advantage of FP techniques... even in a largely imperative code base. We'll end the discussion briefly talking about functional programming extensions to Java and JVM-based functional languages, e.g. Clojure.

Speaker: Howard Abrams While once infected by functional programming, has been programming Java web systems for Portland startups for the last fifteen years. Currently working at the Gilt Groupe in their PDX office. Lately he has been rediscovering his FP roots, and thought he'd share his experiences with the PJUG community.

If he does his job right, and the discussion gets riotous, we'll retire to SomeDay Lounge for more conversation and even more beer.