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PJUG: Apache CloudStack: private cloud with Java

Jama Software
1060 Nw 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi

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If door is locked, ring the doorbell.

Pizza. Beer. Technical stuff.



Apache CloudStack is an open source private cloud server. In other words, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). In this talk we’ll take a look at CloudStack system architecture and how to configure and deploy your own private cloud with CloudStack. We’ll also look at some CloudStack Java code and see how it uses Java APIs to control the XenServer hypervisor.

Speaker: Daniel Kranowski is Lead Software Engineer and Principal at Business Algorithms, LLC (www.bizalgo.com). He has spent over a decade coding in Java, .NET, C++ and related technologies. Amidst his regular schedule of Java enterprise application development, he feeds his addiction to "making big systems go fast" by hacking on CloudStack.