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Portland Facebook Developers Group

Shopigniter Office
411 NW Park Ave, Suite 303
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi

3rd floor, suite 303



During the meet up the topics in the outline below will be demonstrated while building an example Facebook application that helps local PDX store owners connect with local consumers.

Pizza and beverages will be provided.

Open Graph Deep Dive

  • OG Action and object implementation
    • The Basics 
      • Creating the OG actions and objects in Facebook's application administration interface
      • Wiring up the objects at the view tier of the application/website
      • Testing
      • Action submission
    • Beyond the basic
      • Aggregations
      • Custom Object properties
      • "Overriding" Like using an OG action
  • Dynamic Facebook application content based on context
    • Canvas context
    • Page tab context
    • Derived from user permissions given to the app
      • Additional functionality present for those users who have added the app to a business page. In this case the ability to add stores and locations to the applications database.
  • Run down of Facebook app store and the submission process.
  • Open discussion of various topics brought up by the meet up group.
    • potential starter topics include discussions of:
      • Ads API action spec
      • Facebook tools (Debugger, Graph Explorer)