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clojerks: Data-driven web applications in ClojureScript

1615 SE 3rd Ave, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)

Access Notes

Proceed to the second floor reception area for access, either via the stairs or via the elevators in the parking area.



Kevin Lynagh will talk to us about data-driven web applications with ClojureScript:

A web page or application is, at its core, just a visual representation of data that people can read, look at, and manipulate. Typically the mapping between the abstract data and elements on the screen is implicit in the code: take some piece of the data, do X here, do Y there; when the user clicks on that thing, modify the page here, and so on.

Reasoning about such code is difficult: either control is inverted across many different callbacks with complected concerns, or one must endure a great deal of ceremony with models, controllers, view models, and views/templates to structure an application. Ideally when we build a web application all we should have to do is describe how our application's data should be represented on the DOM. We shouldn't need to worry about callbacks, twiddling the attributes of particular elements, or updating cached state.

As it turns out, ClojureScript's rich data structures and semantics allows us to easily write such simple, declarative code. I will discuss these ideas using examples from visualization-rich dashboard applications.

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