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March R Meetup @Simple

1615 SE 3rd Ave, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)

Access Notes

Proceed to the second floor reception area for access, either via the stairs or via the elevators in the parking area.



There will be 2 talks this March! The R meetup is returning to Simple, to whom we extend our gratitude for hosting. See below for speakers and talk descriptions.


Mike Psaris

This talk will cover some of the functions and packages used to import data into R, and present some of the ways to perform analysis on stream temperatures throughout the Columbia River Basin.  Includes a discussion of some of the packages to incorporate into future work, such as plyr and snow. 


Cameron Bracken

Dynamic report generation is an integral part of statistical analysis.  When you think of dynamic report generation you might think "Sweave" but Sweave is only the beginning of the tools now available in R.  Dynamic report generation in R started with Sweave about 10 years ago but has evolved considerably since then. This talk will cover the origins of Sweave and current extension packages such as cacheSweave, pgfSweave and weaver, as well as other approaches such as brew and the all new and possibly end all knitr package.