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Westside Proggers - VoteFair ranking: Math-based voting power for the 99%

Tektronix Bldg 38
3025 SW Zworykin Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon 97077, US (map)

For details, see website (or Google search for "westsideproggers")



Just-released open-source software that implements VoteFair ranking is now available to help us reach higher levels of voting fairness. You do voting when you click on Google search results, and you use voting results when you view the star rating of an Amazon product. Now learn how voting really works, how it is usually miscalculated -- intentionally in the case of elections -- and how it can be done to fully extract the wisdom in a group. Learn the math behind the puppet strings that connect politicians to the biggest campaign contributors. (Partial spoiler: The biggest unfairness is hidden in primary elections.) Also learn the math that eventually will cut those puppet strings. Along the way you will learn that there are different kinds of popularity.

Presenter: Richard Fobes, author of The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox and Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections, developer of the Dashrep programming language and the software negotiation tool at www.NegotiationTool.com.

This event is a meeting of the Westside Proggers, a group of language-agnostic programmers who like to talk about pioneering new frontiers in software.

Please RSVP (and reserve slices of free pizza) at the Westside Proggers forum on Google.