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Portland Linux/Unix Group: Don't Fear the Autotools!

Portland State University FAB, Room 86-09
1900 SW Fourth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201, US (map)

Access Notes

Building is at 4th and College. Room 86-01 is in the basement, take the elevator or stairs down to basement and follow the signs.




                  Don't Fear the Autotools!


                         Scott Garman

 Autoconf. Automake. Libtool. This trio of build configuration 
 utilities (known as the Autotools) are used in a large majority 
 of compiled software applications for Linux, but they remain a 
 mystery to many of us.

 In this gentle introduction to the Autotools, Scott Garman will 
 help lift the veil of uncertainty most people have about them. 
 You'll also learn about the Gnu Coding Standards and the Filesystem 
 Hierarchy Standard, two specifications which explain a lot of the 
 "why" behind the Autotools (yes, there is a method to this madness!). 
 Finally, Scott will offer some practical tips for understanding 
 and fixing errors you may see when building an Autotools-based 
 package. It's sure to be a fun romp for the whole family.