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Ultimate SEO Mastery Workshop - 3-Day Advanced

Ambridge Event Center
1333 N.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97232, US (map)



Join Colleen Wright of the Search Engine Academy Northwest as she teaches the latest search engine marketing tips and tactics. In this 3-day course you will learn advanced strategies to capture your target market through the power of the search engines and the strength of compelling content.

SEO Training Course Day 1

* Review the 6-step optimization process taught in the Essentials class to help you retain this important information.
* Work on advanced keyword research strategies.
* Learn techniques that will help you write effective sales copy that gets results.
* Understand how the personalization of search results is changing the rules.
* Find out the best approaches for setting up a blog and learn about the art of blogging.
* Creative ideas for implementing user generated content (UGC).
* More custom website reviews.

SEO Training Course Day 2

* What is Latent Semantic Indexing and how can it help my website?
* How to develop a unique selling proposition that retains your visitor's interest and gets them digging deeper into our web sites.
* Why are database driven sites unique when it comes to SEO and how can we make sure we get maximum advantage from SEO?
* What is Social Media Marketing and how can it help boost sales?
* How to quickly gain exposure in Google, Yahoo!, and others within 24 to 48 hours
* What is Pay Per Click and who are the players?
* Learn how to implement Google Analytics on your website and why this is a must!
* Find out about the tools offered by the search engines to increase your web site's success

SEO Training Course Day 3

* Learn about competitive intelligence and multi-variate analysis and how these tools can help increase your website's rankings
* Learn about web analytics and how to analyze your progress with ClickTracks
* Learn the power of article marketing
* What problems might your site run in to and how can they be fixed? Will talk about technical issues that come up.
* Sure fire strategies to build your SEO business
* Group Q&A
* Final Exam
* Wrap-up and awards

See the website for information on the 5-day Comprehensive course that combines the 2-day Essentials and the 3-day Advanced course material.


Colleen Wright

Phone: 503-530-8178

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.seotrainingnw.com/register